Learn Cloud in easy and fun way

Resources for your cloud journey

Here is a list of resources (in no particular order) to learn more about cloud. Some of us learn better by watching, some prefer reading, some prefer hands-on activities, I have tried to incorporate various resource here. Pickup any of it and get started. 


The most important thing is to "Get Started".

Through this YouTube channel I will explain various concepts and technologies of AWS cloud using real life analogies.

Learn about various AWS concepts and services in a classroom style learning with lots of white boarding, demos and animations. 

Cloud Computing Concepts and Tech Analogies

Overcome common issues and find answers to cloud-related questions through real enterprise scenarios, characters, and dialogue

In this series you will find Service Summary Cards (SSC) describing all the W questions (What, Why, When, Where, Who, How, How much?) for 12 AWS Certifications

In this short drag-and-drop exercise you can build AWS Architectures using given information, no coding, no AWS account required. 

This is a unique opportunity for you to be mentored by AWS Solution Architects to acquire skills to become a Solutions Architect.

Get details of a AWS Service on a single page in PDF format for easy reference

Use it as Desktop Wallpaper, Print it, Create a Poster out of it to prepare for your certification exams

Comparison of various technical and cloud concepts. Either just read PDF for quick summary or watch a detailed explanation on YouTube



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